NJ TRANSIT Ready-To-Run Limited Edition Maintenance-of-Way Set w/ RailSounds RTR (GP40 #4302)

6-30185 | Price: $349.99

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Lights RailSounds FasTrack

Outfitted for major fun and endless hours of play value

Maintaining the system’s rail infrastructure is an arduous task. With a dedicated team of employees, NJ TRANSIT maintains over 500 track miles across New Jersey to ensure the seamless movement of more than 150 locomotives and 1,000 passenger cars daily. The core function of rail maintenance along the NJ TRANSIT system requires up to 800 car loads of ballast per year, weighing 80,000 tons. When considering the miles of replaced rail and ties, it is truly a remarkable operation.

For the first time ever, Lionel offers the NJ TRANSIT Ready-To-Run Limited Edition Maintenance-of-Way Set, led by GP-40 locomotive 4302, prototypically numbered and a work horse across the NJ TRANSIT system. The steel and wood loads are carried on trailer flatbeds transported via flatcars prototypically numbered from the NJ TRANSIT fleet.

This special set also features the return of Lionel’s high-quality die-cast dump car. Prototypically numbered for NJ TRANSIT, it includes realistic ballast to dump where needed on your layout.

NEW RailSounds RTR 

  • Set Includes:
  • GP-40
  • Flatcar with two semi tractors
  • Dump car, with ballast load
  • Two flatcars with construction trailers
  • Caboose
  • Eight curved O-36 FasTrack sections, three straight FasTrack sections, one FasTrack terminal section
  • CW-80 Transformer
  • Locomotive Features
  • Transformer controlled forward, neutral and
  • reverse operation
  • RailSounds RTR sound system with diesel revving, horn, bell, and user-activated crew dialog scenarios
  • Dual operating couplers
  • Dual powerful maintenance-free motors
  • Metal frame
  • Rolling Stock Features
  • Operating couplers
  • Die-cast metal sprung trucks (except caboose)
  • Die-cast metal trucks on caboose
  • Removable ballast load in dump car
  • Dump car unloading tray
  • Two removable semi trucks on #9905 flatcar
  • Removable flatbed trailer with 12 metal rails on #9906 flatcar
  • Removable flatbed trailer with 30 wood ties on #9907 flatcar
  • Metal frame and underside details on caboose
  • Interior illumination in caboose
  • Each car in set is individually boxed

Road Number: 4302

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

Dimensions: Set Length: Approx. 67”/Layout Dimensions: 40” x 60”

RailLine: NJ Transit

Minimum Curve: O-27

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