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Year 2019 Releases

We will start writing RAs on August 1st 2019! - New!


Lionel Service Move News We will start writing RAs on August 1st!  July 31, 2019   Dear Valued Lionel Customers and Enthusiasts.                    ...

To reset sounds on Legacy locomotives. - New!


  When you have a Legacy locomotive that has no sounds or is missing certain sounds this may be due the sounds being turned down with your command system. The fix is quite easy.  First check that the volume pot is turned up, then call up ...

19313 series Auxiliary Water Tenders dummy coupler too low - New!


Hey all. We have found that the dummy coupler on the front of these are assembled wrong. The good news is that the parts are all there, but assembled in the wrong order. The washers used for the spacer are under the truck frame instead of on top. T ...