The Benefits of Lionel
More Features...More Sounds...More Fun!

Lionel Railsounds
The experts agree – the Lionel RailSounds system is the best in the industry.

And while you don’t need the Lionel TMCC operating system to enjoy the bold, robust sounds of Lionel RailSounds, the RailSounds system offers a greater number of fantastic sounds when used in conjunction with TMCC. That alone is reason enough to install Lionel TMCC on your layout today!

The Benefits of Lionel TrainMaster Command Control (TMCC): Traditional model railroad control systems used the power from the transformer to give directions to the train. The Lionel TMCC system directs your trains using separate digital signals. The advantages are:

More Sounds:
The Lionel RailSounds system offers a wider array of sounds when used in conjunction with Lionel TMCC.

More Features and Functions:
A much broader assortment of operating functions and features are available. Locomotives can be operated independently, even on the same track, or in unison as a single lashup.

More Realism:
You can even adjust signal reaction time in order to simulate the momentum of real life train operation.

Improved Lighting and Performance:
Lionel TMCC uses constant track power, so lighting remains constant and older Lionel locomotives run more smoothly at slower speeds.

Ease of Use:
The commands are simple and can be executed quickly. There is no complicated ‘clinking and clanking’ required as with alternative control systems.

Ease of Installation:
One TMCC Command Base will service an entire layout, no matter how many power blocks you have.

Low Cost:
Lionel TMCC provides digital control at a fraction of the cost of alternative designs.

Lionel TMCC broadcasts the digital signal to an electronic receiver. Alternative digital systems pass the signal through the roller-pickup, which is subject to dirt and poor contact.

Freedom of Movement:
Lionel TMCC is the only O gauge control system that offers a walk-around remote control that transmits signals to a single Command Base. See your layout from new angles. Take your controls with you when you have to fix a problem on the far side of the layout – avoid having to walk back and forth. And watch how much more time your kids and grandkids will want to spend in the trainroom with you.

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TMCC Cab-1
The walk-around wireless remote controller provides everything you need at your fingertips. Use more than one at a time to let everyone join the fun.

(6-12868) $64.95

TMCC Command Base
Receives digital signals from the Cab-1 controller. Only one required for each layout – no matter how big or how many power blocks are involved.

(6-12911) $64.95

TMCC SC-2 Switch Controller
Allows remote radio control of AC loads up to 15 amps! Powered either by the track or a wall pack, the SC-2 is input fused for maximum durability. It has program storage for control of the six programmable outputs capable of managing a combination of switches and accessories (up to six switches or up to twelve accessories). You can even turn power loops and sidings on and off remotely!

(6-22980) $79.95

TMCC 135 PowerMaster
Allows operation of conventional locomotives not equipped with TCC. Designed for use with the 135 watt PowerHouse Transformer. Even if you operate only TCC equipped locomotives, the PowerMaster provides the convenience of a remote controlled circuit breaker and power switch.

(6-12867) $64.95

Power Adapter Cable
Connects your transformer to the PowerMaster for operating TCC and non-TCC equipped locomotives.

(6-12893) $7.95

TMCC Direct Lock-On
Connect the PowerHouse transformer directly to the track. Eliminates the need for a PowerMaster if you use only TCC-equipped locomotives. Provides over-current protection with automatic reset.

(6-22914) $29.95

To enjoy the benefits of Lionel TrainMaster Command Control in a number of different layout environments, please follow the sample systems below to determine everything you need to get started. Remember, no matter which system fits your needs, you always need to have a Command Base to run Command Control.

System #1: Full TrainMaster Command System Components
1 PH-1 PowerHouse (6-12866)
1 PM-1 PowerMaster (6-12867)
1 Command Base (6-12911)
1 Cab-1 Controller (6-12868)

System #2: Basic Command System Components
1 Command Base (6-12911)
1 Cab-1 Controller (6-12868)
1 Traditional Transformer (ZW or equivalent)

System #3: Mixed TrainMaster Command System Components
1 Command Base (6-12911)
1 Cab-1 Controller (6-12868)
1 Traditional Transformer (ZW or equivalent)
1 PM-1 PowerMaster (6-12867)
1 Power Adapter Cable (6-12893)

TrainMaster Command Set
Everything you need to start running your TrainMaster locomotives can be found in this convenient package. The TrainMaster Cab-1 (6-12868) allows you to walk around your layout while controlling all of your Command Controlled locomotives and accessories. Also included is the TrainMaster Command Base (6-12911) which receives signals from the Cab-1 and communicates with your Command Controlled items. Only one Command Base is required per layout, regardless of how many power blocks you are controlling. It is the perfect way to start enjoying the benefits of Lionel’s revolutionary TrainMaster control system.
(6-12969) $129.95