Document Name Reference Number Document Type
LEGACY version 1.3 Instruction Manual 71-4295-250 Manual
LEGACY version 1.4 Instruction Manual 71-4295-251 Manual
LEGACY version 1.5 Instruction Manual 71-4295-252 Manual
LEGACY version 1.52 Instruction Manual 71-4295-253 Manual
LEGACY version 1.60 Instruction Manual 71-4295-255 Manual
Installing Blue Memory Modules in LEGACY 71-4295-256 Service Tip
Legacy Cab-2 & Base Software Version 1.4 71-4295-401 Software Update
Legacy Cab-2 & Base Software Version 1.51 71-4295-501 Software Update
Legacy Cab-2 & Base Software Version 1.52 71-4295-502 Software Update
Legacy Cab-2 & Base Software Version 1.54 71-4295-503 Software Update
Legacy Cab-2 & Base Software Version 1.60 71-4295-504 Software Update
Legacy Cab-2 Software Version 1.61 71-4295-505 Software Update
LEGACY SYSTEM UTILITY VERSION 2.0 73-7125-S02 Software Update

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will this upgrade take?

Our estimates will vary day by day, but should not take more than 14 days after receiving your Legacy System in our Ohio facility. There are, of course, some circumstances outside of our control that may require additional time to complete the upgrade and testing on your system.

How will I know the status of my Legacy system upgrade?

You will receive an email the day your Legacy System arrives, notifying you that it has been received in good order. Once your system has been upgraded and validated, you will receive a second email notifying you the upgrade is complete, and your system is being returned to you. This email will have a UPS tracking number included, so you can track your package on-line.

Who do I call to find out the status of my repair?

To help us focus on getting these systems upgraded in a timely manner we ask that you refrain from calling Lionel to inquire as to the status of your upgrade. The email notifications will serve as the primary point of contact in updating you on the status of your upgrade. You can, however, email us at legacyupgrade@lionel.com if you encounter a problem.

How do I get my system to you?

Directions on shipping can be found here.

How do I know if my system requires an upgrade?

Look on the back of your Legacy Base. If, in the FCC compliance box, you do not have a small silver mark on the lower left hand corner, then your Base is required to be sent for upgrade. If your Cab-2 remote does not have a small silver mark on the inside of the battery compartment (under the leftmost battery), then your Cab-2 is required to be sent in for the upgrade. If your base has these marks, you do NOT have to send your system in for upgrade. Simply contact Customer Service at 586-949-4100 option 2 at the auto attendant or via email talktous@lionel.com to order your software version 1.2 Memory Modules. They will be sent to you free of charge.

The Photos below illustrate where the silver dot marking is located.

illustrates where the silver dot marking is located

What are you doing to my Legacy System?

We are going to upgrade the operating system in your Legacy Base, upload the version 1.2 Memory Modules into your Cab-2 remote(s), and validate the operation. When you receive your system back from Lionel, it will include the following items: your Legacy Base and remote; two new blue v1.2 Memory Modules; a printed copy of the Legacy Manual (version 1.2); and an illustrated instruction sheet on loading your Memory Modules into the base and remote. * If you registered your Legacy set then you should have already been mailed the V1.3 upgrade. If you haven’t registered, we will register your set and ship the V1.3 Memory Modules with the base and remote when we return them to you.

Will I have to send my system to Lionel every time there is a new software release?

No, only for V1.2 upgrade is it required to send the system to Lionel. After this upgrade is complete you will be able to load all your future software upgrades by the Memory Modules alone. Sending your Legacy system to Lionel is only required this one time to update the operating system software.

How will my Legacy System be returned to me?

Your Legacy system will be returned to you via UPS. A tracking number for your package will be included in your shipping confirmation email. Lionel will pay for the return shipping.

If my Legacy system already has software version 1.2 installed, should I send it in for this upgrade?

No, only Legacy systems that have software version 1.0 will need to be shipped in for V1.2 upgrade. To determine which operating system you have, simply press the CTC button on the Cab-2 remote to display which version of software your Legacy system is equipped with. The photo below illustrates the screen where this data can be located.

illustrates the screen where this data can be located

How do I get LEGACY V1.2 upgraded on my system?

Contact customer service to get an RA by calling 586-949-4100 option 2 at the auto attended or via email talktous@lionel.com.


How do I get a Legacy v1.3 upgrade?

You must first have V1.2 before using the V1.3 modules to upgrade the Base and Remote. To receive your free V1.3 upgrade modules please make sure to first register your Legacy system by clicking this link. Then contact customer service at 586-949-4100 option 2 at the auto attended or via email talktous@lionel.com so we may assist you with the upgrade.