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CLRC - Chicagoland Lionel Railroad Club

Our Club had its beginning at Union Station in Chicago in February of 1994, when eight totally diverse people met with only one thing in common, the love of model railroading.  That meeting led to the formation of the Chicagoland Lionel Railroad Club.  At that time all the club had was ideas and hopes for the future.  Our mission was to promote model railroading, get a permanent home, and have fun along the way.


Our first step was to build a modular layout that could be easily assembled to run trains at meetings. We adopted National modular guidelines along with our unique additions. We have exhibited this layout at many conventions such as those sponsored by TCA, LCCA, TTOS and LOTS, and local shopping malls to the delight of members, the public, and children of all ages.


Money was the next challenge.  In 1995 we began by designing and having Lionel build a 6464 CN&W boxcar to market to fellow enthusiasts.


As our club cars sold, we pursued a permanent home.  In July 2004, after only ten years in existence, we were able to purchase a building. Since then we have remodeled the inside and now have not only one layout but three.  Our newest layout is one of the largest FasTack layouts built and when completed will be state of the art controlled.  We also have a Dining Car area and a retail gift shop to market our club cars and other train related items.


We are now an Authorized Lionel Service Station able to repair Lionel Trains from any era, including work on Lionel items under warranty.

Custom Trains

Since that first 6464 CN&W boxcar, our club has produced over 20 cars and an engine.

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